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If you're an AOL member, you probably know about all those annoying windows that pop up asking you if you want to stay online. And sometimes when you're working with MSIE, Netscape, etc. maximized, you don't see one of the things so AOL boots you offline. Well, KillTimer will answer those "You have been online for 46 minutes…" and "You have been idle…" messages for you automatically, keeping you online.

AOL's recent Terms Of Service update prohibits the use of tools that circumvent the "idle" warning. For those of you that wish to sacrifice truly unlimited access and obey AOL's new policy, simply disable the "Kill Idle Messages" feature and you should be in full compliance with AOL's TOS.

KillTimer's Main Features
It's small. KillTimer was written in C++, so it does not need any huge runtime files to work. It's file size is about 45kb.

It's fast. KillTimer normally takes less than 2 seconds to load on my machine.

It's free. You aren't bothered all the time with "shareware" nag screens or the like. I think you deserve to have the unlimited access you're paying $21.95 a month for without any extra cost.

It doesn't take up much screen space. KillTimer puts it's icon in the system tray so it does not get in the way of what you're doing.

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